What is contradancing?

Where are dances held?

Except for the annual Mayapple Stomp, our dances are held at ARTS/West, located at 132 W. State Street in Athens, Ohio. You may park in the lot behind the building (the driveway starts on the right side of the building as you face the front.)  

In short, it's a type of American folk dance, somewhat similar to squaredance, but done in facing parallel lines. (It is not line dancing, however!) Each dance is taught first, and prompted by a caller as needed.


Contradancing (also sometimes written as two words: "contra dancing" ) is easy to learn, aerobic, and always uses live music, generally based on oldtime and Celtic fiddle tunes. Anyone may attend a dance. In this dance tradition, partners generally change for each dance, so if you arrive solo, it's no problem. Dress in comfy clothes and shoes.


For more in-depth information, you might want to check out the links on this page.


The following video was shot at a large contradance weekend in Coshocton, Ohio.  If you look closely, you'll spot some Athens locals!

Why contradance?


Short answer: It's really fun! Come try it and you'll see.  


Below is a video from another dance in which folks explain why they love contradancing.


More local contradance music; check out the band Zeke's Fancy below!

Can't get enough?  Here are links to more contradances in our region!




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